Travel Journal – New Zealand

The Preparation

Our most awaited vacation of 2015 was to New Zealand. It all began with my BIL(Brother-in-law) asking us if we are interested in going to New Zealand for a vacation during November. We started getting excited about it because there was not New Zealand on my travel list. I started researching as soon as I could and loved their tourism website. I found lot of places I wanted to see and started making list on it. We booked our flight on August with Air New Zealand and we had one stop over at Vancouver. Our vacation was for 2 weeks and so we booked our stay and rental car.

To keep all the things in one place, I started writing on the traveler’s notebook School  so that I could carry it with me. My idea was to write a travel journal everyday and collect some brochures along the way so that I could always look back and remember them. I love the idea of carrying them with me. I had lot of list in my notebook, Things to see, Things to eat Embarrassed smile, Trip details, Tour packages and Stationary shop to visitOpen-mouthed smile. I loved decorating my travel journal and had the idea of writing on it every night before going to sleep.

I read some blog about New Zealand to prepare myself and one of the thing I remember reading is that it doesn’t have good internet and they were WRONG. On each place we stayed they had the internet and they were really good. They also sell temporary SIM card for traveller’s and We got one from Vodafone for $45 which had 250 min talk time and 2GB data which worked good for us during our 2 weeks. I think  you do need to get one of this because we were using our mobile as our GPS. Another issue was that it was expensive so I was worried about spending there. Yes, it is expensive but with the exchange rate to US Dollars, it was not bad. The groceries were just a dollar or so expensive but the shocking price inflation was beauty and skin care products.  I had a shock when I saw the price of Loreal hair color in the grocery store. As always, eating out is expensive and we ended up cooking ourselves.

I started packing summer clothes for our trip but realized that it was not going to be summer completely and took some light jackets with us which was a life saver. My handbag for this trip was Haiku bag which I got from TJ Maxx. I love purses which has lot of sections so that I can remember where they are and easily accessible. We decided to take only 2 suitcases and I also took some tea bags, coffee sachets from Starbucks and some hot chocolate for Anya. I also took 2 noodles packet because I wasn’t sure what was available there. I also packed sandals for the trip along with some more socks for just in case it was cold scenarios.

Our flight was the next day to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was a busy day for me because I had Volunteer in the morning and had to make soup for the potluck for dinner as well. So I finished packing over the weekend and just packed the hand luggage on Thanksgiving day. By the time we came home, we were so tired.

So began our journey to a land we have never been before.


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