Day 6 – Rotorua

December 3, 2015

After the previous day’s long trip, we decided to take it easy. We got up at about 8 am and then had a calm day. We went out to see the lake and by the time we left for Te Puia it was already 3 pm.

That was the view from the house where we stayed. And Yes, I took my travel journal with me.

By the time we reached there, it was 4 pm. Te Puia is where we can see the Maori Culture and it also has natural geyser. We joined the tour and the guide had some fantastic information about the Maori culture. First, we saw the natural geyser, the hot air coming between the rocks. It was beautiful and it also smelled. The smell is from the sulphur.

We then moved to one of the famous mud geyser and then we also saw some kiwi living the enclosed environment. There was a Moari Arts & Crafts Institute which trains people and the sculptures and the baskets were amazing. We then went into their gift shop and I got some mud mask and some soaps.

By the time we finished our tour, it was 6 pm. On our way back to the place we stayed, we stopped at the New World grocery store and I decided to make fajita’s for dinner. It was a relaxing day and we all slept by 9.30 pm.


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