Day 7 – Waitomo Glow Caves

December 4, 2015

Today we decided to see Waitomo Glow Caves which was about 3 hours drive from the place we stayed. We didn’t even research about it and when we reached there we found that they have 3 caves in their tour. And it started at 1.30 pm.

Each tour was an hour and the last cave was about 2 hour tour. We decided to go for the first two and in-laws decided on all 3. The Glow worm cave was beautiful. We had to go inside the cave and then once you go inside they don’t have any lights because it disturbs the glow-worm. So you walk down stairs without light and we were told not to make noise as well. At the end of stairs, we went in a boat. There is a lake under the cave.

We were in a boat and they took us on a ride for about 30 minutes and all we could see up the cave was glow worms lighting up like a tiny green lights. There were millions of glow worm in the roof of the cave. And with that light from the worms, we could see clearly. It looks like when you go camping and after dark, you can still see around you with the moon light. It was beautiful, one of the things you definitely need to visit.

Next is the Aranui cave which had lots of stalactite. The formation is so beautiful and most of them were millions years old. That was an hour tour as well. After this we decided to spend our time relaxing in the nearest town which was 10 km Β away called Otorohanga.

We walked around the town and I went inside a shop called Paper Plus. I bought some cutout embellishment for my planner girls. We then went into a pharmacy and then had a snack in a bakery. We went back at 6 pm to pick up the in-laws from their tour of the third cave.

By the time we reached home, it was 9.30 pm. BIL made dhal and rice for dinner and then we went to bed. I was so tired of road trip by that time.


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