Pet Peeve #3

Note : I just returned from a trip.

Dear Lady in Seat No. 24 H,

You were the person who sat in front of me in the Dubai to Seattle flight and the reason I noticed you is because you wished to sit in the window seat but unfortunately the one who reserved it wanted to as well. After you graciously moved in to your allocated seat, you let then know that you usually travel in a “Business class” because it is so spacious and the reason you are in the economy class is because it was all booked. As soon I heard it, I heard “Ting” Β in the mind, I knew she was going to annoy me.

And as we all got settled and waited for our plane to move, I heard you have a conversation with your neighbor on where they were from? etc, etc. And without them asking, you informed them that you fly to Dubai often because you were born there but you stay in Denver. You apparently visit your brother often in Dubai because he lives in a villa in the Palm Island. You visit him every two months and you always fly “Business class”Β .

And as soon as the plane was in the air, I saw a hostess coming towards you since you called for her. I heard you asking for some drink and the hostess answered that they don’t serve that here. But apparently you always have that drink as soon as you board the plane because (you know it) you always travels in “Business class” .

After about 2 hours, you apparently was not comfortable sitting in an economy class seats because it was small for you and of course, you complained that this is the reason why you always fly “Business class” . Let’s not forget that it has nothing to do with you being overweight. But kudos to the man sitting adjacent to you who was tall and very muscly (Is that a word?) and he traveled without complaining in the economy seat.

And after I got up from a much-needed sleep, it was time for duty-free shopping. They were selling some stuffs for 30% off and of course you were checking it out. You then called a hostess to ask some questions about that and you were interested in some perfumes. You also asked if there were on sale as well but were informed that it was not. But you replied that whenever you travel in “Business class”, you always get them on sale.

You then made a new friend because the couple was from Dubai too. But you actually talked to a guy who was sitting next to them who also happened to be a Dubai-an and somehow convinced him to sit in front of me so that you can sit with the couple. Again you called the hostess since you had some questions about some stuffs you were interested in. And after talking to them for 5-6 times, you still didn’t buy anything and hostess apologized repeatedly that they don’t have any offer on the things she was interested in. Do the Business class has separate sale going on? I had no idea.

Anyway, By the time we reached Seattle, I was annoyed and was rolling my eyes everything I heard you. And when we got up to get off the plane, I heard you grumbling that you had to stand and wait for a long time to get down because you were not in the “Business class”.

Listen lady, NOBODY cares. You should have waited another day to see if they have “Business class” seats available. And for your information, nobody is sympathizing with you because you are “suffering” in the economy class. If you don’t want to suffer, then you should have spent more money to get a “First Class” seat, I am sure they had at least one seat available.

I really had to tell this annoying incident to your readers. I was so irritated by her. First of all, nobody needs to know that you always travel in “Business Class” and second of all, I don’t think you need to justify why you travelled in Economy class.


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