About Me

Welcome to my World Readers,

This is my blog about my world which is about my obsession with makeup and books. Let’s not forget about food as well. I am a foodie and my motto is “Will try anything once” 😀 . The other part of my world is about motherhood. With 2 cats and a 5 year old, I have loads of advice and rantings to mom’s out there. It is a mad world out here and I am sharing all that with you. 

I started blogging from 2008 just for fun. This is about me blogging whatever I feel like. I love to bake but hates cleaning after it. I love to travel. At the moment, I am living in Seattle, USA but have also lived in Dublin, Ireland. My full name is Charanya and I am from South India 🙂 . 





6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. So glad to see another makeup bargain hunter. If you’re ever in Madison, Wisconsin, email me. I can take you to cosmetic companies around here- I always find awesome goods. I also love beauty ticket.com. Great sales on makeup! Hope you are liking Seattle.

    • Charan says:

      I seriously get a rush when I get a bargain 😀 . I do like seattle and keep looking for bargain and sales in the drugstore all the time 🙂 .

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