Last 2 weeks..

For the past 2 weeks, I got sick, got better, then got worse and then got better. It’s been a roller coaster of sickness in our house. During this time, I didn’t want to sit and write the blog. I just wasn’t in the mood. During days like this, all I want to do is sit and marinate in the couch 🙂 .

It’s been nearly 4 months since my asthma was worse and I forgot how it felt and when I started coughing at night and couldn’t sleep for 3 nights, I got emotional and angry. During these time, I get obsessed about watching a TV show and this time that show was “How I met your Mother”. It’s been 6 days and I am on the Season 8 and I can’t seem to stop it.

I don’t want to go out of the house and I just hate feeling like this. I sometimes force myself to go out until I had to go out. I had so many plans for the blog but for some reason, I have lost that drive to write the articles.

I tried my hands on many things, Zentangles, coloring, drawing, etc. but I lose interest very quickly. I did start changing my diet and I was really good till I got sick. I seriously wanted to eat only unhealthy foods. I tried to control it but with the sickness, I get emotional. So there went my plan to lose weight. I still do some exercise at least 2 times a week but that’s just a blip in calories I eat 😦 .

I still drink the green smoothies and the almond milk smoothies which I love and I had put on the weight I lost during those 3 weeks of good diet. Sometimes I just crave Grilled Cheese Sandwich. I have always known that it will be really difficult for me to control my eating habits because ultimately I cave. I have known for a long time that I am an emotional eater and that is the worst for people who want to lose weight.

So there readers, something about me you now know. If you haven’t see all those food pictures in my Instagram, then you won’t understand 🙂 . I am still not yet over my sickness because it usually get bad the day after my volunteer work in the pet shelter. Hopefully once I am over the sickness, I should hopefully stick to my healthy eating.


7 years of blogging….

Yes, Readers. That is how long I have been blogging. It all started with boredom and wanting to do something. I wanted to tell someone all the things I find interesting and that is how I started blogging. It all started with a recipe I wanted to share with everyone and then went on to my first ever obsession, “Makeup” .

I have never been interested in makeup when I was in school and college. I always wore eyeliner and lipstick. I think I had just one lipstick in my collection during my college days and that was the color changing, pH lipstick which changes to pink depending on the pH of your lips. I think blogging was one of my favorite pastime because I can be anyone there. I can rant and rave about whatever I want. I find it difficult to put my thought into words during conversations but I am good at writing about it.

I am starting to lose interest in blogging. I do have lot of things I want to write about but I feel pressured into writing an article every week and I don’t  like the feeling of it. I will still blog whenever I want to. I am mostly going to concentrate on travel blogging. I love talking about it and maybe food too. I want to tell about the food I tried and loved.

I do want to blog about my beauty related products but it is just lot of work with getting the perfect shot with the perfect lights. Then you have to edit them. Then I need the mood to write the article and If I did all these, I felt guilty for not being regular in my blog. I think I need to increase my vocabulary to describe the products I want to review because after few reviews, I kind of sound the same .

I think realistically I am going to commit myself to one article per week. I do read lot of books and if you follow me on good reads, you will know all my choices. Maybe the following month will be better than this month.

Month of July

It was super busy July since I was commited to finish the July Camp NaNoMoWri. If you are wondering what that is, it is a novel-writing project and I did explain about it in my previous posts. I didn’t think it would be stressful but it was. I thought it would be very easy since I researched about it and read some books on writing. I took a lot of notes by the end of June and I was ready for this project.

I just didn’t realize how limited my vocabulary was. I was struggling to finish my first chapter. Though I had my story outline, words didn’t flow through easily. The stories turned depending on my mood that day so the ending was different as well. For the first few days, I pledged my word count to 20,000 but I soon realized that it was not going to happen. So I started small, about 10,000 words  and I think I made the right choice. It was impossible to write on weekends because we were so busy and with a preschooler screaming around the house, it was impossible to concentrate and write.

By Day 12, I was having panic attracts because words just failed me. I felt like I was repeating the words again and again. Most of the time, I felt like I was writing an essay but I guess this is my learning process. I still don’t know if I will ever try again because I realized that I am not much of a story-teller or have good imagination. But somehow I forced myself to finish it the novel.

I have finished my first draft in 26 days and then I crashed. I felt like I never wanted to see that story again because I feel bad about it. It needs lots of drafting  and I wonder if I will ever be confident enough to give my novel to someone so that they can give feedback. I am super scared and I know that it is bad  . I am going to give myself a break for 2 weeks or so and then do the second drafting with fresh mind and eyes. Maybe I could make it readable .

I am trying to get back to my routine in the blog but I am being extremely lazy these days. I am back on the health kick again after about 2 months or so. I have made some changes to our lifestyle. I have stopped buying the packaged or frozen stuffs and started cooking a lot. Eating healthy and keeping eye on the calories is taking a huge toll on me. I am forever hungry and angry  . But I need to suck it up if I need to make some changes in my life. And I do fitness at least twice a week and stop eating junky snacks and believe me that is difficult.

The minute you decide that you are going to stop eating sugar, your body starts craving for it. If you go out, all the desserts miraculously seems to be in front of you and then you talk yourself out of it. Then you attend a get together and what do they have? Cake, of course  and then you tell yourself that you will have just a small piece of cake. But when the first spoon goes into your mouth, your taste buds explodes and you crave more. And that is how you end up pigging yourself with sugar after being good for a week .

I seriously need to be very good about losing weight and control my sugar craving. And September and October is going to be busy because we have family coming over. I really need to be consistent about posting in my blog and I hoping that I will. How was your July, readers? Anything interesting?

After a lot of thought…

I have always wanted to have a website of my own for my blog. It took me a year or more to decide for my own domain name. And it took me 18 months to decide that I am going to have an independent website of my own. Yes, I am finally going to plan my own website for my blog. It is taking lot of research and for a non-technology person like me, it is just taking forever Smile . I know exactly what I want my website to look and what I want in them.

The problem was not that I couldn’t do it but was if I am willing to spend some money on it. As a stay-at-home mom, I feel guilty spending money on frivolous things like website and blogs. I usually buy frivolous things only for my birthday. But then again I need to take it very  serious as to make it my priority to update my website. I have doubts about it but I am going to do it, after all if you never try, you’ll never know Smile.

I have also been researching about photography. My blog photos have come a long way from a point and shoot camera to a old DSLR . But I still need to take good pictures so that I can pin them on Pinterest. I have been researching about lightning, setup, etc, etc. It’s been a week since I have decided that I am going to go ahead with these changes and it’s a lot to take it in. Hopefully I can apply all these changes by the end of this month. I have lots of products to review and lot of topics to talk about. My plan is to post at least 3 per week in the initial stage of the website and take it along.

I have kept aside 2 days in a week for my blog in which I will be taking photos and plan the post and hopefully it will attract a lot of people. I do want to make my website successful, not like “millionaire” success but like I am going to buy a “planner” with my own money Open-mouthed smile. I am happy to be a stay-at-home mom but I need a hobby or creative outlet and this blog has been mine for the last 8 years. Yes, It’s been 8 years and I am still doing it. I do love doing it but sometimes I don’t have  creative energy.

I have lot of friends who I am going to ask about the topics they like to read and I am going improve on them. There are lot of successful bloggers out there and I know it is going to be a struggle to make it happen but I am going to try my best for the next 2 years. If I fail, then at least I have tried.

So readers, send me some encouragement and confidence because I really need it Winking smile

Changes in my blog

I have wanted to make my blog a website for a long time but I always wonder if it’s worth it? I have to generate some money for the blog to be worth it for me but I can always dream can’t I 🙂 ? I have thought about it for the past 2 days and I was researching about it. I don’t get half of the things they are talking about 😦 . For a non-techie like me, this is going to be so hard.

Ever since my toddler has been going to preschool full-time, I have a lot of free time in my hands and I want to do something productive. It is extremely difficult to get a job after a long break in your resume. I have tried for the past 6 months and it is tough. I guess I  have to do some certification to get back into the rat race but 😦 I just don’t want to study again. I am too lazy to sit and start all over again. Then I looked into some volunteering work and it is ok but still, something keeps telling me that it is not for me. I am a person who wants to try everything to see which suits me. And what do i find? I have blogged for about 6 years and that is a huge milestone for me. And I started thinking why not do this and make it work for me. I am not dreaming about making a paycheck with this blog. But all I want is to earn some money so that I can pay to keep this website up and of course buy some makeup 😉 .

I still think it would be wonderful to find an article for doing this which I can actually understand. Even the dummies books goes through my head 😦 , really suddenly they are talking techie in the middle of the book 🙄 . But if you find that you couldn’t find my blog, then most likely it would be due to the transition to a website. Wish me luck or better yet if you have some advice then please do share your experience with me.

5 Year Blog Anniversary

I can’t believe that I am still doing this 😀 . It’s been a fantastic journey with my blog. I started with posting recipes then did product reviews. I even did some travel reviews 🙂 . But my most favorite of all was my pregnancy and motherhood diaries. It has become my outlet to tell you all about my frustrations and knowing that I won’t be judged because most of the ladies have gone through the same thing 🙂 .

I am so thankful for my Readers especially my regular one who has been with me from the day I started this blog 🙂 for making me want to write something in this blog. I am extremely grateful for the kind words of inspiration that you have all given me. I am also thankful that my hubby was the one who constantly encouraged me to stay on it.

During these 5 years, my style has changed so much and the topics I blog about as well. I know that I am not doing this professionally, It’s just a hobby to me and something which makes me want to use my creative(Yeah right, I don’t know what is creative about this blog) side, ok not exactly creative but just use my brain to think more 😀 other than the daily routines in my life.

Thank you my lovely Readers, Its been a wonderful journey 🙂 .