Changes in my lifestyle

I haven’t been feeling good since I returned from my trip to Chennai. I think it is because of all the junks I ate there. And I haven’t been able to get back to feeling light for months. And then I decided that I need to start eating healthy and I have made changed to my eating habits.

I invested in Vitamix 5300 which I got from Costco. I know that it is expensive but I didn’t realize how fantastic it is until I used it. One of my friend have used this for the past 2 years and she makes almond milk everyday and she raves about this. So I started researching about what blender to get.

I wanted to try it first in the blender I have at home. I have a Preeti mixie which I got from Chennai about 3 years ago. This is a fantastic for Indian food. It makes fantastic powders and paste for cooking. I tried making almond milk in this for the first time and it took me 15 minutes to get it all blended and it still wasn’t smooth. Then I thought about the Green Smoothie recipe I had and it will never be good with my old blender.

I felt guilty buying Vitamix but then told myself that if I am not using it or if I didn’t like it, I could always return it. I had 2 recipes which I wanted to try, Almond milk and Green Smoothie. I had the cheater’s recipe for almond milk. Instead of using raw almond, I used the raw almond paste which you get in the food shops, the one you collect from the machine and I love how easy it is to make.


I still wasn’t sure about the Vitamix but the first time I made smoothie, I realized why people love it. I mean seriously, It was so powerful that I didn’t feel any fiber in my smoothie. It was like a smooth juice. I was then obsessed about Vitamix.

The first day I made the Green smoothie, I loved that it didn’t taste bad. I got the recipe from  Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie. I have never liked eating apples but with this juice, I don’t even feel the fiber in it. Slowly I started adding ingredients and finally I have found a green smoothie recipe which I love. I drink this every morning and it keeps me going till lunch time.

The second is the almond milk smoothie. I tried a lot and finally got a recipe which I love. I drink them for dinner and I also add protein powder in it. I realized that just drinking the almond milk doesn’t fill me up and I didn’t have a great relationship with protein powder before but I got this Organic Protein powder from Costco and it agrees with me.


I have followed this routine from the 1st of April and I found that I am feeling very light instead of full and bloated. I found that I really feel better if I have a light dinner. I did cheat 3-4 times but I didn’t feel good. My food routine is

Morning - Green Smoothie

Lunch - Heavy; Carbs

Snack - Tea or nuts or biscuits

Dinner - Almond milk smoothie

It’s been almost a month of drinking Green Smoothie and I realized that I feel light and my skin looks better too. I have never had so much fruits and veggies for the last decade and I love my routine.

I have also found that I am not  much of a runner or walker but I do like doing yoga and I am fine with that. I try to do 2-3 times of yoga/week for about 30 minutes. I think if I continue this routine, I could see some real changes in 6 months or so but the problem is continuing this routine. I really love making smoothies in my Vitamix. I think it is one of the best investment if you really love drinking smoothies.

Let me give you my version of the smoothies I make so that you can all try it as well.

Green Glowing Smoothie
  • 2 handful of Power Green Blends (Costco, blend of baby kale, chard and spinach)
  • 2 celery sticks
  • 1/2 Romaine lettuce head
  • 1/2 lemon, peeled
  • 1 apple
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 3 cups water


Almond Milk Smoothie
  • 2 cups Water
  • 1 tbsp Almond paste
  • 1 Banana
  • 1.5 cups Frozen Fruit (berries, cherries, mango)
  • 2 spoons of Organic Protein Plant based powder


7 years of blogging….

Yes, Readers. That is how long I have been blogging. It all started with boredom and wanting to do something. I wanted to tell someone all the things I find interesting and that is how I started blogging. It all started with a recipe I wanted to share with everyone and then went on to my first ever obsession, “Makeup” .

I have never been interested in makeup when I was in school and college. I always wore eyeliner and lipstick. I think I had just one lipstick in my collection during my college days and that was the color changing, pH lipstick which changes to pink depending on the pH of your lips. I think blogging was one of my favorite pastime because I can be anyone there. I can rant and rave about whatever I want. I find it difficult to put my thought into words during conversations but I am good at writing about it.

I am starting to lose interest in blogging. I do have lot of things I want to write about but I feel pressured into writing an article every week and I don’t  like the feeling of it. I will still blog whenever I want to. I am mostly going to concentrate on travel blogging. I love talking about it and maybe food too. I want to tell about the food I tried and loved.

I do want to blog about my beauty related products but it is just lot of work with getting the perfect shot with the perfect lights. Then you have to edit them. Then I need the mood to write the article and If I did all these, I felt guilty for not being regular in my blog. I think I need to increase my vocabulary to describe the products I want to review because after few reviews, I kind of sound the same .

I think realistically I am going to commit myself to one article per week. I do read lot of books and if you follow me on good reads, you will know all my choices. Maybe the following month will be better than this month.

After a lot of thought…

I have always wanted to have a website of my own for my blog. It took me a year or more to decide for my own domain name. And it took me 18 months to decide that I am going to have an independent website of my own. Yes, I am finally going to plan my own website for my blog. It is taking lot of research and for a non-technology person like me, it is just taking forever Smile . I know exactly what I want my website to look and what I want in them.

The problem was not that I couldn’t do it but was if I am willing to spend some money on it. As a stay-at-home mom, I feel guilty spending money on frivolous things like website and blogs. I usually buy frivolous things only for my birthday. But then again I need to take it very  serious as to make it my priority to update my website. I have doubts about it but I am going to do it, after all if you never try, you’ll never know Smile.

I have also been researching about photography. My blog photos have come a long way from a point and shoot camera to a old DSLR . But I still need to take good pictures so that I can pin them on Pinterest. I have been researching about lightning, setup, etc, etc. It’s been a week since I have decided that I am going to go ahead with these changes and it’s a lot to take it in. Hopefully I can apply all these changes by the end of this month. I have lots of products to review and lot of topics to talk about. My plan is to post at least 3 per week in the initial stage of the website and take it along.

I have kept aside 2 days in a week for my blog in which I will be taking photos and plan the post and hopefully it will attract a lot of people. I do want to make my website successful, not like “millionaire” success but like I am going to buy a “planner” with my own money Open-mouthed smile. I am happy to be a stay-at-home mom but I need a hobby or creative outlet and this blog has been mine for the last 8 years. Yes, It’s been 8 years and I am still doing it. I do love doing it but sometimes I don’t have  creative energy.

I have lot of friends who I am going to ask about the topics they like to read and I am going improve on them. There are lot of successful bloggers out there and I know it is going to be a struggle to make it happen but I am going to try my best for the next 2 years. If I fail, then at least I have tried.

So readers, send me some encouragement and confidence because I really need it Winking smile

Due to Weather Changes

Have you noticed any changes in your skin or hair due to the weather changes? I have 😦 . It is always a problem for me. I have to change my whole routine due to the seasonal changes. I have started noticing how I am getting dry scalp for the past 3 weeks. I then decided to change my shampoo and realized that my hair is also getting dry and it feels like a hay 😦 . I had to use deep conditioner every time and even then it just looks ok.

And then my skin started feeling drier and feels stretchy by the end of the day. I just changed my skin cream about 2 months ago to the Boots Botanics so I was in a hunt for a new skin cream. I didn’t want to spend too much money on it since I don’t know if it will work on my skin. I wanted something light. So I went to Target where you can see a lot of brands to choose from. I spent about an hour in the skin cream section debating what to get. Finally I went with Olay beauty fluid. This used to be my favorite during 2005 😀 so I decided to give this one a try. It’s a non-greasy and hydrating formula which should be perfect for Fall. It is also the right price for me to buy it.After using it for the first time, I realized why it was my favorite 😀 . My skin just absorbs it without giving it a greasy look and my skin feels good at the end of the day.

On the other note, my skin feels drier all over especially my feet. I keep applying cream and even oil but it feels drier and stretchy 😦 and I don’t know what to do. I keep trying different creams and lotions but nothing is working. @#@# this weather change. I hate what these changes do to my skin and hair.

Ramblings over, my readers 😀 . Hopefully I should be back to posting more reviews soon.


hey readers,

I am in a writer’s blog for the past 4 days 😦 . I do have some products to review which I have to take photos. This is a long weekend here and I am enjoying it spending with hubby and some friends. But I will continue my usual blogging from Tuesday. Bear with me 🙂 .

Somehow, I am finding lot of funny comics lately which I am posting it in my blog. Its all about cats as I really can relate it to my cats. My cats have practiced making us feeling guilty to the T, with all the sad looks and especially the silent treatments (I know). Eventually we end up begging them to forgive us and we are once again a happy family 😀 .

Moving on to my other stuffs, I got a new phone, Nokia n97 which I was so excited about when I got it. It took me long time to get used to it and to understand what ever button does. For the past 6 days, Nokia OVI (which is the application store online) stopped working and along with it, some of my applications also stopped working 😦 . I was totally frustrated about it and thought of just reformatting the whole phone. And what do you know? Today my phone automatically updated itself to a older version and everything started working again 🙂 .

I have been bored of reading books lately and am thinking of sketching again. I used to be a good pencil sketcher but I am wondering if I still got the talent 🙂 .

I have also started to make lifestyle changes. I have promised myself that I will drink at least 1 liter of water everyday. But for the first two days it just wasn’t possible. So I have started with 500 ml everyday for a week and then increase the intake slowly. I have promised myself to stop drinking fizzy drink, which I have done in the past. But for the past 3 weeks, somehow I am drinking lot of diet coke 😦 . I am also drinking the Tropicana orange & mango juice which I love. I still have 2 bottles at home, I am going to stop that as well as soon as I finish those bottle.

I have also promised myself 1 dessert a week and 1 junk a week 🙂 . Till now I am sticking to it as I am scared that I will put on lot of weight 😦 . I have a tendency to put on weight very easily and it takes me ages to lose it or the easy way to lose it is that I have to get sick (lol.. I know).

I have started on the drinking water mainly because I have been getting spots for the past 3 months which I hate. I have never had spots in my life and for the past year, I am getting spots every month 😦 .

To end this blog with a picture, I got one of my cat. You will realise that I am always posting this guys picture rather than my black one and that is because my black one is picture shy. I don’t have any good one of him to post 😦 . I am still trying for a best shot of him. My tabby, bommu, is watching the road in here. He loves watching cars and kids playing outside.