Day 9 – Christchurch

December 6, 2015

This was the day we had to catch the flight to Christchurch and we started from the house around 11 am and drove to Auckland. We reached at the airport around 3 pm. It was a long drive and all I wanted to do was just lie down in the bed and just read.

It was a very short flight to Christchurch and we took our rental car and decided to have dinner at a south Indian restaurant called Southern Spice. I was really craving for some good south Indian food and the food was quite good. It is run by Malayali chef and the place was small and it took time for us to get out food but the food was really good.

By the time we reached the motel, it was 9.30 pm . The motel was pretty neat except for the one bathroom we had to share. The whole street was full of motels and they all looked pretty good from outside. FYI, one bathroom for 5 people is hard 🙂 especially in the morning.

It was a long day for us and by this time, I was just sick of the road trip. All I was craving for was a quiet day and a book.