Day 10 – Christchurch

December 7, 2015

The morning was so bright because the sun was rising from our side of the bedroom and that woke us up by 6.30 am. I wish I could have slept more and my feet was so sore. I wanted to have a foot massage 😀 .

We decided to go around Christchurch today. It was a walking distance from our motel to the Tram station. We got the Christchurch Pass which had the Tram, Garden Tours, Punting on the Avon and Gondola ride. It was one of the best decisions because we got to see all the things which is touristy.

First we took the tram tour and got down at the Tram stop No.12 and then went to Punting. It was a beautiful, soothing ride on the boat with the ducks. It was so calm and quiet on the ride and I just loved that you sit in the boat and just watch people on both side of the river. There were so many ducks swimming in the river.

Then we took the Garden tour which was boring except for the Rose Garden. Then we took the shuttle to see Gondola. It took us about 25 minute ride to the edge of the mountain. It is a ride up the top of the mountain to see the entire Christchurch view.

I was dreading the ride up because of my Acrophobia and it wasn’t bad because half of the way is just the mountain and I could see them but when it started going on too high that I couldn’t see the ground that’s when I started panicking. I just closed my eyes and the worst thing is sometime the Gondola just shakes and I was convinced that it was going to drop and we were all going to die. But the view from the top is out of the world. I just wanted to sit there and just watch the view.

By the time we came back to the city, all the places started closing and we were so tired that we returned to the motel. On the way, we had a quick stop at New World and got some groceries. BIL made us some Vegetable rice and by the end of the day, my feet were killing me. I really needed a foot massage at the end of the day 😀 .