Last 2 weeks..

For the past 2 weeks, I got sick, got better, then got worse and then got better. It’s been a roller coaster of sickness in our house. During this time, I didn’t want to sit and write the blog. I just wasn’t in the mood. During days like this, all I want to do is sit and marinate in the couch 🙂 .

It’s been nearly 4 months since my asthma was worse and I forgot how it felt and when I started coughing at night and couldn’t sleep for 3 nights, I got emotional and angry. During these time, I get obsessed about watching a TV show and this time that show was “How I met your Mother”. It’s been 6 days and I am on the Season 8 and I can’t seem to stop it.

I don’t want to go out of the house and I just hate feeling like this. I sometimes force myself to go out until I had to go out. I had so many plans for the blog but for some reason, I have lost that drive to write the articles.

I tried my hands on many things, Zentangles, coloring, drawing, etc. but I lose interest very quickly. I did start changing my diet and I was really good till I got sick. I seriously wanted to eat only unhealthy foods. I tried to control it but with the sickness, I get emotional. So there went my plan to lose weight. I still do some exercise at least 2 times a week but that’s just a blip in calories I eat 😦 .

I still drink the green smoothies and the almond milk smoothies which I love and I had put on the weight I lost during those 3 weeks of good diet. Sometimes I just crave Grilled Cheese Sandwich. I have always known that it will be really difficult for me to control my eating habits because ultimately I cave. I have known for a long time that I am an emotional eater and that is the worst for people who want to lose weight.

So there readers, something about me you now know. If you haven’t see all those food pictures in my Instagram, then you won’t understand 🙂 . I am still not yet over my sickness because it usually get bad the day after my volunteer work in the pet shelter. Hopefully once I am over the sickness, I should hopefully stick to my healthy eating.


Changes in my lifestyle

I haven’t been feeling good since I returned from my trip to Chennai. I think it is because of all the junks I ate there. And I haven’t been able to get back to feeling light for months. And then I decided that I need to start eating healthy and I have made changed to my eating habits.

I invested in Vitamix 5300 which I got from Costco. I know that it is expensive but I didn’t realize how fantastic it is until I used it. One of my friend have used this for the past 2 years and she makes almond milk everyday and she raves about this. So I started researching about what blender to get.

I wanted to try it first in the blender I have at home. I have a Preeti mixie which I got from Chennai about 3 years ago. This is a fantastic for Indian food. It makes fantastic powders and paste for cooking. I tried making almond milk in this for the first time and it took me 15 minutes to get it all blended and it still wasn’t smooth. Then I thought about the Green Smoothie recipe I had and it will never be good with my old blender.

I felt guilty buying Vitamix but then told myself that if I am not using it or if I didn’t like it, I could always return it. I had 2 recipes which I wanted to try, Almond milk and Green Smoothie. I had the cheater’s recipe for almond milk. Instead of using raw almond, I used the raw almond paste which you get in the food shops, the one you collect from the machine and I love how easy it is to make.


I still wasn’t sure about the Vitamix but the first time I made smoothie, I realized why people love it. I mean seriously, It was so powerful that I didn’t feel any fiber in my smoothie. It was like a smooth juice. I was then obsessed about Vitamix.

The first day I made the Green smoothie, I loved that it didn’t taste bad. I got the recipe from  Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie. I have never liked eating apples but with this juice, I don’t even feel the fiber in it. Slowly I started adding ingredients and finally I have found a green smoothie recipe which I love. I drink this every morning and it keeps me going till lunch time.

The second is the almond milk smoothie. I tried a lot and finally got a recipe which I love. I drink them for dinner and I also add protein powder in it. I realized that just drinking the almond milk doesn’t fill me up and I didn’t have a great relationship with protein powder before but I got this Organic Protein powder from Costco and it agrees with me.


I have followed this routine from the 1st of April and I found that I am feeling very light instead of full and bloated. I found that I really feel better if I have a light dinner. I did cheat 3-4 times but I didn’t feel good. My food routine is

Morning - Green Smoothie

Lunch - Heavy; Carbs

Snack - Tea or nuts or biscuits

Dinner - Almond milk smoothie

It’s been almost a month of drinking Green Smoothie and I realized that I feel light and my skin looks better too. I have never had so much fruits and veggies for the last decade and I love my routine.

I have also found that I am not  much of a runner or walker but I do like doing yoga and I am fine with that. I try to do 2-3 times of yoga/week for about 30 minutes. I think if I continue this routine, I could see some real changes in 6 months or so but the problem is continuing this routine. I really love making smoothies in my Vitamix. I think it is one of the best investment if you really love drinking smoothies.

Let me give you my version of the smoothies I make so that you can all try it as well.

Green Glowing Smoothie
  • 2 handful of Power Green Blends (Costco, blend of baby kale, chard and spinach)
  • 2 celery sticks
  • 1/2 Romaine lettuce head
  • 1/2 lemon, peeled
  • 1 apple
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 3 cups water


Almond Milk Smoothie
  • 2 cups Water
  • 1 tbsp Almond paste
  • 1 Banana
  • 1.5 cups Frozen Fruit (berries, cherries, mango)
  • 2 spoons of Organic Protein Plant based powder

Update on the Healthy lifestyle

It is hard to take up the healthy lifestyle especially if I see a lot of things which I want to eat. It’s been 2 months since I have changed my eating habits but i still have lost only 2 pounds and maybe it’s because that I am still trying to do some workout at least twice a week and that is not enough. For 2 weeks, I was off the wagon because my toddler was sick and then I got sick as well. It is hard to eat healthy during that time. So I ended up making the easy food like rice and curry. I always feel hungry after eating a salad and that day is truly hard for me. So I stuck with carbs at least once a day or moderate amount of carb.

I have been using the My Fitness pal app and my carb count for every day is 175, which was nearly the same amount I was having during my gestational diabetes. I just have to control the portion size. I got some healthy snacks like nuts and sometimes I eat banana if I want to have something sweet. I also eat some chocolates now and then 🙂 . I do cheat at least once a week and have a huge desert like cake or pastries. I just can’t control it.

But I have compromised with myself. As long as I know the calories of what I am going to eat then, it is ok. If I am having a dessert then I share them with hubby so that I won’t eat whole piece 😉 . See, that’s a compromise 😆 . I do drink at least 1 liter of water. I should probably start drinking green tea but I need my milky tea 😀 and I drink them once a day only so it is not bad. I do like it when I know the calories of the things I eat. I have been loving Panera bread for that reason. Their menu has calories by the side so that you can choose your food based on calories. I am there at least once a week when I feel the need to have bread. We usually don’t keep any bread at home 🙂 . I always end up picking the pick 2 menu with soup and half a sandwich which will end up under 500 calories depending on what you choose. I have also been loving their power green smoothie 😀 .

I think my body is slowly conditioning itself for low carbs since I don’t feel hungry much these days if I have just a cup of rice with rasam. I have been making green smoothies at home for breakfast with avocado, milk and power greens. They are so yummy and filling. Though I feel light, I am not losing weight. I think I need to exercise to lose weight 😦 and I am not happy about it.

Hubby got me Polar Loop for Valentine’s day since I was very interested in a fitness watch and I am still getting used to it. I never knew how little I walk after getting it. The steps section shows that I take about 4000 or less for the first 2 days and I was shocked 😯 since you are supposed to take 10,000 steps a day to be healthy. So I try to force myself not to sit in a place for a long time. Let’s see how it works out. Will try it out for a month and then will review it.

Other than this, nothing is happening, health wise. I hope that I will do some vigorous exercise at least twice a week for my body to lose weight 🙄 . Let’s see if I can do it.

Healthy Lifestyle Options

My resolution for 2014 is to make changes in my diet. I am not saying that I am going to follow some diet because believe me, I won’t follow it 😀 . As a south Indian, I am totally rice person. I love rice but do you know how much carbohydrates there is in a cup 🙄 , no wonder I can’t seem to lose weight 🙂 . If it was up to me, I would probably swim in carbs with a side of dessert 😀 . I am not exactly a dessert person but I do love some lightly sweetened chocolate cake with no frosting or brownie 😛 . I just feel like having a dessert just once a week. But I do have to keep an eye on the carbs 😦 . I am also getting organic vegetables and fruits. I have also started cooking more often and not eating packaged food. Believe me, I find it very convenient to eat those especially in the morning when I am so hungry.

So I have decided to follow a low carb diet and What I mean is counting carbs. I am loving the Fitness Pal app for this because I know exactly how much carb I am consuming. I am not just doing crazy low carb just 175 carbs per day which is actually not bad if I stick to 1 1/2 cups of rice a day. If I completely cut of rice then it will make a huge difference in my diet but alas I can’t do that. I tried it but within 3 days I had a withdrawal symptoms 😦 . So I stuck to 1 day/week of rice, roti and quinoa. The other days its salad and soups and it has worked out for the past 3 weeks.

I have lost about 2 lbs and it’s not bad. I have also trying some fitness programs like xbox fitness or Jillian Micheals fitness or Tracy Anderson DVD’s. I am counting the calories lost about 60 every time I work out and it’s not bad at all 🙂 . I do it 3 times/week. The fitness DVD are hardcore and I do take breaks in between leaving me losing only little bit 🙂 . And I am fine with taking little bit steps.

I have also made a resolution to drink at least 32 oz/day or more. I read about a detox water drink which helps to get rid of all the toxins in your body and decided to try it. I did have some withdrawal symptom of headaches when I have this water throughout the day but it slowly fades away.

Water - 2 liter
Lemon - 1, sliced
Cucumber - 1/2, sliced
Mint leaves - 10

Add all these to the water and let them sit overnight. Make sure to remove the extras and store the water separately in the morning. Lesson Learnt: If you let it sit for more than 12 hrs, the water starts to get bitter with an overpowering lemon taste 😮 .

Day 1 – I finished up the 2 liter of water. Make note to drink more water in the morning and not evening since you don’t want to visit the loo all night 🙄 . I had headache in the evening but it went off within 90 minutes so it was good.

Day 2 – I finished 1 1/2 liter of water. But I noticed that my throat is irritated with all the lemon water I am drinking.

Day 3 – throat was so dry that I stuck to plain old water. Maybe I should just use 1/2 lemon instead of a whole one 😦 .

I am making small changes in my lifestyle. Always keeping my eye on the calories and it is difficult to do that if you go out to eat and I love eating out 🙂 . So I stuck to things which is about 600 calories or lower 🙂 in restaurants or eat outs. It is really difficult especially when I want to order a huge pasta bowl and pig myself out but I stuck with something which won’t make me feel that guilty. So far I have stuck to it and it is almost 4 weeks now. But I do think that I have to start vigorous exercising and maybe that will show changes fast?

So Readers, Do you have some health resolutions this year? Do tell?


hey readers,

I am in a writer’s blog for the past 4 days 😦 . I do have some products to review which I have to take photos. This is a long weekend here and I am enjoying it spending with hubby and some friends. But I will continue my usual blogging from Tuesday. Bear with me 🙂 .

Somehow, I am finding lot of funny comics lately which I am posting it in my blog. Its all about cats as I really can relate it to my cats. My cats have practiced making us feeling guilty to the T, with all the sad looks and especially the silent treatments (I know). Eventually we end up begging them to forgive us and we are once again a happy family 😀 .

Moving on to my other stuffs, I got a new phone, Nokia n97 which I was so excited about when I got it. It took me long time to get used to it and to understand what ever button does. For the past 6 days, Nokia OVI (which is the application store online) stopped working and along with it, some of my applications also stopped working 😦 . I was totally frustrated about it and thought of just reformatting the whole phone. And what do you know? Today my phone automatically updated itself to a older version and everything started working again 🙂 .

I have been bored of reading books lately and am thinking of sketching again. I used to be a good pencil sketcher but I am wondering if I still got the talent 🙂 .

I have also started to make lifestyle changes. I have promised myself that I will drink at least 1 liter of water everyday. But for the first two days it just wasn’t possible. So I have started with 500 ml everyday for a week and then increase the intake slowly. I have promised myself to stop drinking fizzy drink, which I have done in the past. But for the past 3 weeks, somehow I am drinking lot of diet coke 😦 . I am also drinking the Tropicana orange & mango juice which I love. I still have 2 bottles at home, I am going to stop that as well as soon as I finish those bottle.

I have also promised myself 1 dessert a week and 1 junk a week 🙂 . Till now I am sticking to it as I am scared that I will put on lot of weight 😦 . I have a tendency to put on weight very easily and it takes me ages to lose it or the easy way to lose it is that I have to get sick (lol.. I know).

I have started on the drinking water mainly because I have been getting spots for the past 3 months which I hate. I have never had spots in my life and for the past year, I am getting spots every month 😦 .

To end this blog with a picture, I got one of my cat. You will realise that I am always posting this guys picture rather than my black one and that is because my black one is picture shy. I don’t have any good one of him to post 😦 . I am still trying for a best shot of him. My tabby, bommu, is watching the road in here. He loves watching cars and kids playing outside.