Skin Care for Winter

As I have told you before, I have a dry/combination skin. During winter, it gets so dry that i have dry patches on my face. Last year I researched for some good care and decided to try these two products. I got them in Sephora.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

I know this says mask but it is perfect for my dry skin during winter. It keeps it hydrated and my face looks good the next day. It retails for about $33 and it has about 3.4 oz of products and that is a lot of them. I still have little bit left over. After the winter, I use it when I feel like my face needs an extra moisture.

The best this about this product is the packaging. It is a squeeze tube which I love. I hate dipping my fingers into the jar since there is a change of cross contamination. It is a real thick product but not greasy. My skin absorbs the product quickly and I really like it.

My Verdict is that I am definitely going to stock this for my winter.

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

I have read some good reviews and wanted to try this. This retails for about $25 for 2.5 oz and it comes in a pot which I am not a fan of. On a first glance, the consistency of the product looks like a thick petroleum jelly and it smells strongly of camphor. Camphor has lots of medicinal properties and I am not opposed to that smells but not everyone will like it. The consistency feel like a petroleum jelly but the ingredients doesn’t mention them. It is thick and when you apply it in the skin, it does take sometime to sink into your skin. It doesn’t feel greasy. Apparently it is a popular Japanese skin product and that is why I decided to try them.

I do like it but it is definitely is a deep treatment for my skin especially during December. I did use this at least once a week, I do feel that the products leaves a layer on the skin. It feels as if it is sitting on top of the skin after a small amount is absorbed by the skin. And I do feel the need to wash my face in the morning if I need to go out. It looks greasy by the morning. But I do like it. I have not even made a dent in this pot. I think this will last me for a long time.


Due to Weather Changes

Have you noticed any changes in your skin or hair due to the weather changes? I have 😦 . It is always a problem for me. I have to change my whole routine due to the seasonal changes. I have started noticing how I am getting dry scalp for the past 3 weeks. I then decided to change my shampoo and realized that my hair is also getting dry and it feels like a hay 😦 . I had to use deep conditioner every time and even then it just looks ok.

And then my skin started feeling drier and feels stretchy by the end of the day. I just changed my skin cream about 2 months ago to the Boots Botanics so I was in a hunt for a new skin cream. I didn’t want to spend too much money on it since I don’t know if it will work on my skin. I wanted something light. So I went to Target where you can see a lot of brands to choose from. I spent about an hour in the skin cream section debating what to get. Finally I went with Olay beauty fluid. This used to be my favorite during 2005 😀 so I decided to give this one a try. It’s a non-greasy and hydrating formula which should be perfect for Fall. It is also the right price for me to buy it.After using it for the first time, I realized why it was my favorite 😀 . My skin just absorbs it without giving it a greasy look and my skin feels good at the end of the day.

On the other note, my skin feels drier all over especially my feet. I keep applying cream and even oil but it feels drier and stretchy 😦 and I don’t know what to do. I keep trying different creams and lotions but nothing is working. @#@# this weather change. I hate what these changes do to my skin and hair.

Ramblings over, my readers 😀 . Hopefully I should be back to posting more reviews soon.

Review : Boots Cucumber Skin Freshner

I have this bottle for more than a year and I didn’t know what to do with this. I used to apply this all over the face with a cotton ball whenever I remember it and that isn’t often enough 🙂 . You will find them in Boots but lately I have seen them at all. Recently I have become a fan of facial spray and I have found a use for this 🙂 . I think it’s about € 1.50 .

It is basically a cucumber water, of course, with other stuffs in it 😀 . You use them as a facial spray, recently I have been using this spray at home whenever they catch my eyes. It certainly hydrates your skin. Important thing to remember is that it tastes little bit bitter so keep yourself from  licking your lips after spraying it on your face (hee). The con is that you need to use a cotton ball or something to  apply it on your face. But I found a solution for it 😀 , I bought a spray bottle from Boots and filled it up. Now its easy to use it as a facial spray.

Overall, it is a good facial spray. I would definitely stock it up in my kit all the time 🙂 .

Tip #6 : Natural Skin Remedies

Avacado Moisturiser (for dry skin)

Take the skin of an avacado and smooth it all over your face, avoiding the eyes and nose. Allow to set for 15 min before rinsing off.

Lime Juice Eye-Reviver

Take 4 tablespoons of limer juice and iced water. Saturate cotton pads in the mixture and place over closed eyelids for 10 minutes.

Orange and Yoghurt Vibrancy Mask (for combination skin)

Mix the grated rind of one orange with 1/2 cup of organic yoghurt. Apply to the face and wait 10 min before rinsing off.

Review : Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel

My Review

Skin Primer is basically used to prepare the skin for what you’re going to put on top. And like a primer you might put on a wall before painting, a foundation primer can fill in small holes (pores) and small cracks (lines). So they’re really suitable for everyone as they should give you a smoother finish. The primer are very expensive starting from 15 – 40 euros. So I was on the look out for a cheaper primer which actually works and I found one 🙂 .

This is mainly used for anti-chafing treatment. When skin repeatedly rubs against skin or clothing, it causes friction which can lead to chafing. This can be caused by sport or just general activity, even just walking around the shops. But it works wonderful as a base primer 🙂 . But if you are doubtful, research about this before using or get a sample size or travel size and try it.

After hearing about the Monistat chafing gel which is a USA product, i found an alternative in this side of the world. I read some reviews about this and decided to try it for myself. I tried it today and I really can see the difference. My issue before using this was the concealers getting settled in the cracks around my eyes. You can see them like patches around my eyes.

I got them in the pharmacy for 10 euros ( I know its a lot) and its 30 g. I used them today and I think i have found my perfect primer 🙂 . All you need is a very little amount to apply on your skin. It spreads smoothly in your skin like a silk. I think this tube will last me for nearly 3-5 month which is good. The first thing I noticed is how my concealer looks smooth around my eyes 🙂 . It really is a perfect base for your mineral foundation as you can be confident that it won’t settle in your pores and patchy areas. But be sure to MOISTURIZE your face before using this. This is not a moisturizer.

Description of the Product

  • Creates a protective barrier
  • Dries to a clear, silky finish
  • Gentle enough to use every day
  • Targeted application
  • Non-greasy, non-staining
  • Doesn’t sting, fragrance-free
  • 6 All-Natural Secrets for Skin Beauty

    Between the winter winds, the dry indoor heat, and a daily dose of makeup, you may not be feeling as if you are putting your best face forward. Read on to find 6 all-natural secrets for soft, smooth, beautiful skin.

    1. Is your lifestyle sabotaging your skin?
    Imbalances in your life show up on your face and skin. For example, a poor diet of fast food lacking fresh fruits and vegetables is a recipe for bad, unhealthy skin. Depression, anxiety, and stress create tension in your skin, especially on your face, sometimes causing uneven blotches and wrinkles. Sun damage and dry, cold, or windy weather strip the skin of vital moisture and circulation, leading to prematurely older-looking skin. Smoking, excessive alcohol use, and lack of sleep all show up on your skin. Take a hard look at what your lifestyle is doing to your skin, and make some healthy changes to protect and rejuvenate it.


    2. Eat skin superfoods
    In China, it was a tradition in the imperial courts for the empress to pass down to the princesses her skin-beautifying recipes and preparations. While many of these ingredients were exotic, expensive foods, readily available foods for skin health from these beauty recipes include cherries, peanuts, black soybeans, walnuts, and jujube dates. Also, citrus, a confirmed healing food packed with antioxidants, benefits your skin health.

    For dry skin, eat more flaxseed oil, sesame oil, olive oil, and virgin coconut oil. Every day, eat avocado and handfuls of nuts and seeds, particularly pine nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, and sunflower seeds.

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